What IF Festival Tasting Garden

By Imagination Celebration (other events)

Saturday, September 10 2016 11:00 AM 4:00 PM

Beer is crafted from barley, maize, wheat and hops. Wine is crafted from grapes. Gin is crafted from juniper berries.  Whiskey is crafted from barley, corn, rye, and wheat.  Individually, each offers its own story but overall they share common threads of history steeped in religion, medicine, politics, culture and debate.  Come explore these tales and more as you sniff, swirl, sip and savor your way to a better understanding of these fine crafts.  Several perfectly priced tasting options will be available for your pleasure!

Beer tasters will feature creations like the stylish saison, blonde and a simcoe session ale by Triple S Brewing Company.  You burning beer questions will be answered by owner and Certified Cicerone, Steve Stowell!

Gin sippers will feature a traditional crafty dry gin and lavender infused delight.  Your spirited gin questions will be answered by the ever knowledgeable and sensational staff of Lee Spirits Co. and Brooklyn’s on Boulder Street!

Wine tasters will feature a fun and funky South African Chenin Blanc, a surprising dry French rosé, and a sassy Spanish Grenache!  Wine myth busting will be performed by Certified Wine Specialist and wine expert, Valerie Caruso!

Whiskey sippers will feature an historic Kentucky Bourbon and a Colorado born classic American Whiskey!  Blooming whiskey questions will be answered by the professional wine and spirits curators from Soirée!

The Tasting Garden will be located outside just north of the Pikes Peak Center on the grassy lawn of the Sun Plaza building.  



Tasting Garden Rules!

  1. Do not bring anyone into the Garden who is not 21 years of age...or anyone you wouldn’t take to Grandma’s for Sunday dinner.
  2. While tasting, please refrain from chattery phone calls, BUT social media updates are encouraged!  #WhatIfFest, #WhatIfFestival
  3. Tastings are classy, shots are not.  Today, we will practice our classy skills.
  4. If the Folks pouring the tastings say you’ve had have!
  5. This is a tasting; unless you have purchased beer or wine BY THE GLASS, we serve tasting sizes.  We will not serve you matter how good you are at winking or whimpering!
  6. Have fun! Sniff! Swirl! Sip! Savor! Yes…ask our experts all those burning beer, wine, gin or whiskey questions!  Ask others those questions and we can not take responsibility for the accuracy of the answers!